Whether you’re in the market for a new glass pool fence or looking to RETROFIT that old glass pool gate, Polaris Soft Close Hinges have been the pinnacle in safety, performance and styling for over a decade.  Featuring spring assisted opening and soft closing, Polaris Hinges are designed to close precicely and quietly every time. No more slamming gates or gates that won’t latch correctly. Polaris Soft Close Hinges are proudly designed, engineered and tested in Australia for Australian outdoor conditions.  

125 Series Hinge Pool Fence Timber Deck 570 x 350

The two most noted concerns with Pedestrian access gates are; Relability of function to self close and the associated management of noise control from slamming gates. From residential complexes, aged care facilities, to the family home, quiet and dependable operation of access gates is essential. Polaris Soft Close Hinges have been purpose desgined and tested to offer the perfect balance of elegance smooth and quiet operation and offering industry leading performance.


A strategically placed access gate seemlessly integrated into a balustrade, railing or staircase can drastically improves the feel, function and flow of the area. Accommplishing this typically has been no easy feat. From securing stairway and landing access from infants or pets at home, to allowing access to restricted areas for maitenence purposes, Polaris Soft Close Hinges offers both the flexibility in function and modern styling to create a glass gate that merges perfectly with any balustrade or staircase.

Balustrade_Glass & Wood

Safety and reliabilty are paramount when designing a child safe gate that is to securely keep our most vunerable from entering or exiting an enclosure. Polaris Soft Close Hinge technology was founded and forged on the premise of creating the safest soft closing glass gate hinge for Australian Pool Gates. These same key attributes mean that Polaris Soft Close Hinges are the also the ideal choice for creating gates where children’s safety is paramount. Utlising soft closing technology to avoid fingers being trapped while offering self-closing operation, Polaris Soft Close Hinges have been specifically designed to be the safest self closing gates hinges in the market today.


The ability to restrict assess while still maintaining elegance, function and visbility in a retail or hospitality facility is an absolute imperative to successful. Polaris Soft Close Hinges accomodate stylish and elegant glass gates to be utlised. From staff only access gates, changeroom doors to all glass showcases, queing areas or even the shopfront doors, nothing draws attention to your business like a Polaris Soft Close Hinges.