Daniel Siri
Daniel Siri
I've just fitted the new 130 Series hinges I got from you the other week and I can safely say, without doubt, they are the best and easiest product I've used on the Pool, EVER!!! It makes me think why I put up with the really bad hinges I had on the fence for 10 years. I have to say well done to Polaris for such a great product, and I can safely say this as a Product Design Engineer with over 30+ years. Well done Polaris.
Barry Jackaman
Barry Jackaman
They had the product and advice that I needed. I already have their products - they work and work well.
Alistair Kennedy Marque News
Alistair Kennedy Marque News
We did have a problem with two pool gates not closing. Matter was resolved very quickly with both hinges being replaced. Francis very helpful and friendly.
Kevin Phelan
Kevin Phelan
I found the pool gate hinges on the www easily enough and then the rest of the process ran v smoothly. After the retro-fit we needed follow-up product and it was delivered within a day. Not many things work so well. Excellent service.
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher
Great service , Lindsay was so helpful and the hinges are great quality at a reasonable price. Online support includes great videos. Recommend to anybody especially for retrofits for hinges that are not soft closing. Mike Brisbane
Mehmet Mehmet
Mehmet Mehmet
Nice, modern, slick hinge design, very happy with the product. I contacted Polaris about a problem and dealing with Lindsay was an absolute pleasure. It was easy and he resolved my problem promptly, much appreciated.
Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane
Lindsay was an expert who was pleased to take time to explain what the problem was and how to fix it. He sent me links to videos of how to replace the springs which I wouldnt have been able to do if he hadnt sent those. The order delivery was very prompt and the springs arrived on time. A very impressive service and customer support. Thanks.
Kevin Gardiner
Kevin Gardiner
Great hinges that will save your glass gates from slamming shut. Easy to install and very high quality product. The service and delivery are second to none. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

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Hi Lindsay, Just a quick note to let you know the Series 155 soft-close hinges arrived and I fitted them last Sunday. Working beautifully. I have completed and mailed the Warrantee Forms. Many thanks for your help.
Swan Hill VIC
Hello Lindsay, Thanks for your offer to provide a testimonial on my new hinges. Please use my first name only. After many years of consent concern when my friends and guests used my pool gate without assisting it to close softly I finally found and upgraded to a soft close hinge. Previously the gate could slam closed shaking the glass gate and pool fence vigorously. My Polaris 155 Retrofit hinge is a welcome relief, gently closing under all conditions. I am very pleased with the high quality appearance and performance of the retrofit hinge. During strong wind the gate may take additional time to close due to the wind pressure however this was the case before the upgrade under similar conditions and with the 155 hinge the gate always closes gently. I can highly recommend this product. Regards,
Bateau Bay NSW
Hi Lindsay, The hinges were an absolute game changer, thank you! The retrofit was such a simple DIY job for me; everything aligned perfectly. And the soft close mechanism works a treat. I no longer need to to yell at the kids to “close the gate softly” to prevent risk of glass shatter or the glass panel spigots vibrating and cracking the tiles/concrete. Thank you!
Ashley Grohn
Windsor QLD
The product looks good and works well As a sole trader a bit difficult to install solo. but all hinges are ! you also have to be prepared to work on the latch so the gate maintains it's Australian standard my customer was very happy with the results. Regards,
Capalaba QLD
We love our Hinges and comment on them EVERY time we use the gate. Cheers
Middle Cove NSW
Hi Lindsay, After enduring the irritating and loud banging of my glass pool gates for 15 years I decided to have Polaris install retrofit hinges to my four pool gates. I couldn’t believe the transformation , now I can go in and out without waking the neighbours, or having to stop the gates from slamming. I highly recommend Polaris retrofit hinges to all owners of annoying old style pool gate hinges. I recently purchased a set of the Polaris 155 Retrofit Hinges and I am very happy with them. They were very easy to install and worked perfectly with no adjustment required. No more banging gate, would definitely recommend.
Currambine WA
Yes, pretty happy with the hinges. I had a lot of trouble getting the old hinges off the glass, as the gaskets had baked on. Once I got that off then it was pretty good. The wall mounted hinge was a little tricky in that it mounted slightly different than my original hinges, so I had to take the gate totally off and measure and adjust a number of times to get right. I also wrongly assumed that the holes were the same size as the regular mounting bolts, which meant that I drilled out the holes too large and had to pick a different location. The hinges themselves after being installed are really good.
Highvale QLD