The Polaris retrofit hinge has been designed to seamlessly retrofit into most existing pool gates and we provide instructional videos and technical information so that the experienced ‘Do It Yourselfer’ can handle the install themselves. In all instances Polaris highly recommends that you use experienced installers to complete the retrofit. Using an installer is highly recommended to ensure:

Safe and effective installation
Avoid damaging the hinge system
Ensure you get the best result and enjoy the benefits of your Polaris Warranty.


The Polaris Hinge system is a high quality product designed to last for many years but it will depend greatly on proper installation procedures. Polaris Technical strongly recommends that you use a professional and experienced installer or call Polaris Technical to have your install done safely and properly for you.  When installing a Polaris hinge and working with glass, be mindful of the following safety requirements.


While we recommend you find a local installer to assist you with your Polaris Hinge installation, we also offer our own highly qualified installation service through – ‘Polaris Technical’.

Polaris Technical is a specialised service for the installation and ongoing care of your Polaris hinge products. Our Polaris 155 Retrofit Series hinges are backed with a 3 Year warranty PLUS an additional 3 years available if installed by the Polaris Technical Installation Team. We know that with the proper care and maintenance, these hinges will last. That’s why we recommend Polaris Technical for your hinge installation. For any installation enquiries please call us on 1300 295 388 or use our contact form to book your installation.